Visionary 16e

7. Practical Exercises for understanding your moods and emotions

Getting to know yourself as an empath is strengthened when you have a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of your feelings. Tracking your moods on a regular basis and taking note of what might trigger a change in your temperament can be extremely insightful.

Knowing what leads to certain reactions, whether that is in your body, thought processes or behaviors can strengthen how you interact with the world. You can come to know what types of people or situations to avoid or how to best prepare for potentially unavoidable or challenging scenarios.

Here are some techniques you can use to understand yourself:

1. Growing plants

Set up a small greenhouse or herb garden in your home. By being in a relationship with the natural world, from seedling to fruit to death, you come into a deeper understanding of your own self. This awareness helps you experience patience and appreciate taking things slowly and letting them unfold naturally. It helps you allow what will be to become what it is meant to be. Growing plants gives you something to nurture while also managing your emotions in a sacred mindful space.

2. Contemplation time

Giving yourself at least 10 minutes each day of personal contemplation time can be very useful to your self-knowledge. A time where you don’t engage on social media or with other people for a small chunk of the day allows you great insight into your own psychology. Your awareness of your psyche and analysis of things that impact you will fill your mind space when you have nothing else to distract you. Even if on some level it feels boring to “do nothing,” it is actually very useful for the mind to break from engagement to simply contemplate.

3. Keep a visual diary

Keeping a diary solely using your creative talents helps honor your emotions. It lends you great insight into the symbolism, colors, shapes, and concepts that are currently resonating with your subconscious mind. You can use an art diary to record inspirations, sketches and doodles, spiritual thoughts, and so much more.

Each day you can have an entry to record your current feelings through images; make a drawing of your dream from the night before, draw a symbol, or put together a collage. Add in as much vivid imagery as you can manage.

The more detailed you get with the visuals, the more information you tend to be able to glean when you come back to assess and analyze how things have been progressing for you along the way.


8. Practical Visionary Empath A to Z: sometimes it’s the little things . . .

  1. Journal your thoughts
  2. Create what inspires you
  3. Be someone that others can look up to
  4. Go for things that scare you
  5. Stay true to yourself
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  7. Know that you know enough and are always learning
  8. Invite new friends into your life
  9. Don’t be afraid to get close to others
  10. Celebrate the little victories
  11. Fill your life with more pleasure
  12. Take up hobbies and interests outside of your work
  13. Make a concerted effort to take a vacation
  14. Carve out a weekly ritual of self-care
  15. Make space for zoning out and disconnecting
  16. Leave your phone behind
  17. Let yourself be bored sometimes
  18. Express your soft side
  19. Research visionary poets and artists
  20. Be inspired by leaders and movements
  21. Take charge more often
  22. Carry snacks around with you
  23. Investigate things fully
  24. Partner up and collaborate with others
  25. Deepen your intuition
  26. Grow more houseplants
woman meditating