Visionary 17

Finding your joy in being a Visionary Empath Archetype

The Visionary Empath is driven to express their voice in the world. They are sharing their perspectives and helping build communities wherever they go. You are a leader and find yourself when you step into these types of roles. Your path in life consists of a variety of experiences.

You find your joy by tapping into the collective and bringing forth works that speak for the zeitgeist. Your understanding of the intersecting factors that affect issues makes you smart, perceptive, and impassioned. You like to take action and move through your life with a balance between ferocity and grace.

Over the course of your life, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a multitude of interesting people, which inspire and guide the directions you choose to take. Being knowledgeable, witty, and sharp helps you make bold decisions when you need to. You trust yourself and have incredible instincts.

Even when life throws challenges your way, you find you can move through the issues head-on rather than around. You like to confront complex problems and you bring a high level of self-awareness to all situations. If you are speaking or creating, you are doing it for a cause. You are dedicated to confronting issues that need to be addressed. Participating by taking action is how you find your way.

The life you are carving out for yourself is yours to craft. The steps you take, the setbacks, and the milestones reached, are all a part of the journey. Your path is unique, chaotic, and challenging, but one that you rise to partake in; you wouldn’t have it any other way as a Visionary Empath.