Visionary 08

Visionary Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

Keywords: Creatrix, clairvoyant, traveler, engaged, living in the moment, altered states, 3rd eye open, channeler of mystic visions, activist, sensitive

Tarot Cards: The Chariot (powerful, forceful, protective)

Crystal Energy: Citrine (confident, successful, energetic, generous)

Animal Spirit: Phoenix (transformative, renewal, rebirth from the ashes)

Elements: Fire and Metal

Your Affirmations:

  • My creations are a part of me
  • My work is a form of activism
  • I am present to what is

Your vision is what guides you. You see the way things could be, you feel the ways things should be. Tapped into the collective, you have a broad-minded perspective. The bigger picture is what gives you inspiration and motivation.

You are driven to see thoughts and ideas be born into physical existence. You root for the underdog and fight for what you believe in. The Visionary Empath is a spiritual warrior, defending what is right and being dissonant when you feel it is necessary. You aren’t afraid of your extroversion and speak up and speak out on things that you care about.

You have a strong personality, people may have a tendency to describe you as somewhat intimidating, but you are just passionate. You are tenacious and fervent in your commitment to a cause. Your ability to stand out in a crowd while also being empathic makes you unique.

A desire to take action based on the intense feelings you absorb and generate helps you manifest innovative and resourceful solutions to problems in the world around you. Your sense of purpose comes through creating community and shared vision. Leadership qualities come naturally to you and you always keep the collective in mind.

The parts of you that are soft and sensitive take in the underlying emotional currents of your environment. This makes you acutely aware of what issues are at both a local and global level. You are engaged in what is happening as you are taking in the spirit of the times. You focus on a variety of things ranging from animal rights, human rights, activism, art, environmentalism, and so forth.

The information you gather and learn about along with your own personal experiences all contribute to a larger body of work and projects you are a part of. You are a creator, sharing the messages and exposing, deconstructing, and expressing issues for increasing awareness. Your sensitive nature urges you to step into your power and use your strong-willed, sovereign, and engaged energy to make your mark.

woman in forest

Self-Care Checklist for the Visionary Empath

______1. Open-heart: Open your heart and release yourself from feeling trapped or bound up by your emotions. It is hard for you to be vulnerable, but a little more openness will guide you towards people who are meant to be in your life. You can practice sharing your feelings in a more expressive way. You are direct in many areas of your life, but when it comes to outright saying what your specific emotion is, you sometimes hold back. Assess situations when it might be helpful for you to show a little bit more of these sensitive sides of you.

______2. Media: Pay attention to the visuals, media, social media, and advertisements you surround yourself with. All of it impacts your psyche. Being more discerning, but not cutting out altogether, the amount and types of content you engage with can help you compartmentalize different parts of your life when needed.

______3. Simple pleasures: Focus on life’s simple pleasures. Finding enjoyment in the little things can make each day a little bit better.

______4. Hydration: Remember to stay hydrated. You are an active and fiery person. Water breaks will help you to find moments of peace throughout your day.

______5. Routine: Set yourself up with some days of the week that you have a scheduled routine. Some structures can be helpful for accomplishing things you want to get done. There are times when you get swept up in something as inspiration strikes, but then you later feel frustrated that you didn’t get to everything you wanted to in a day. A few scheduled days can help you avoid this experience.

______6. Inspiration: Be open to getting inspiration from all around you. This is where your empathy is felt the strongest. The things you feel from your surroundings inform how and what you create.

______7. Smoky citrine: Keep smoky citrine around in your work or home spaces. Citrine is empowering and when mixed with smokey quartz, it helps ground, center, and focus your passionate energy better.

______8. Embodied practices: Explore different ways to get into your body; a good meal, dancing, stretching, massage, etc. Incorporating more embodied practices into your life gives you a stronger sense of self and grounding.

______9. Self-expression: The way you express yourself is deeply important to you. If you do not feel that others are seeing you for you, you start to feel part of your spirit shrinking. Devote some space in your life to developing your self-expression.

______10. Be too much: It is okay to be “out-there” or “too-much.” You want to be yourself and this might mean being loud, expressive, and confronting. It is important to you to let yourself be the way that best supports your life’s path. Consistent recognition of these “too-much” sides of yourself is validating for who you are.