Wanderer 11

The Wanderer Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship

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Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

You are a generous spirit amongst your friends and family. You give of yourself and are constantly engaging with others. You make people feel special by your interest in them and what they are going through. They are warmed by your magnanimous and gentle approach toward them.

You deeply appreciate people’s time and respect the boundaries of others. Although, you do tend to get into relationships where you easily lose yourself and your personal boundaries, which is something to be aware of. Exploring where relationships have veered off from mutual respect of each other’s boundaries can be of help to you.

The Wanderer Empath can make friends under almost any circumstances or scenarios. You see moments as opportunities for connection and this is an important part of your life experience. In fact, you are generally willing to put more effort into your relationship than in most other areas of life.

Your archetype’s personality in love

You love to have a person in your life to call your own, not in a possessive way, but a person to love, rely on and connect with. You enjoy that sense of stability that comes with being with a partner. When you have a relationship like this, you find other areas of your life less stressful. You are able to pursue your dreams with more drive as you feel stabilized by a committed partnership.

You are very giving, compassionate, and affectionate in love. You shower your partners with gifts, attention, and reassurance. When in a relationship, you cannot help but curate and share with your lover all the things you are working on and doing. In return, you like to hear about what your partner’s interests are as well.

You see the relationships as a container for you and your partner’s hopes, fears, longings, and desires. Within the structure of being together, you feel free to explore, expand, and try new things. Long-term relationships are a constant in your life, and you believe in the power that comes from opening up, being vulnerable, and sharing your feelings.

Your approach to romance and dating can be playful. The Wanderer enjoys predicting what their partner wants and sets out to make it happen.

When not in a long-term relationship, you tend to enjoy dating and the exciting energy exchanged when just getting to know someone new. You might be interested in non-traditional relationship structures as well.

Over time, your giving personality can sometimes feel weighed down by all the pressure you put on yourself to give to the partnership. Recognizing that it is possible to make the give-take aspects a little more mutual can help you relax when approaching love. Learn to fill your energy stores before someone else’s. It is okay to get your needs met and apply your generosity back towards yourself as well. Overall commitments for you hold a prominent place in your life. You give much of your vibrancy to romantic relationships.

A list of traits the Wanderer Empath should look for in a romantic partner

So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Wanderer Archetype!

Someone who…

  • Likes to move around and be busy.
  • Doesn’t mind managing logistics.
  • Is flexible and can change location, job, or lifestyle.
  • Wants to go on adventures.
  • Likes to be silly and playful with you.
  • Accepts all of who you are.
  • Appreciates all of who you are.
  • Gives you plenty of space to be alone when you need it.
  • Understands you do like to recharge alone at times.
  • Likes to attend events with you.
  • Is loyal and committed to deepening the connection.
  • Is very genuine.

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

Your friendships have a high level of importance in your life. You need your friends just as much as they need you. Travel buddies, romantic friends, and everything in between make you feel loved and complete on your life’s journey.

You tend to have many friendship connections that reach a deep level of intimacy. With that kind of closeness, you and some of your friends get very attached to each other. Your whole life can be built around your community. Even if you go away for a while to do other things, you always know you have people you can call and come back to if you are in need.

The empathic traits of your personality type make you the one in the group who gives advice on life and love. You espouse your opinions to others on what they should do, how to achieve their dreams and spiritual advice for the people you care about. Your friends tend to be very open to hearing your thoughts.

You also like to partake in activities and adventures with your friends. Nights out dancing or listening to live music might be a regular occurrence in your life. You like to do things that are off-beat and unique, so you will find underground venues and interesting events to attend.

Your friends are often other artists and free-spirited, movement-oriented people. This means that the friends in your group might rotate over time as people shift in and out of different life circumstances. Great communication skills ensure you all don’t lose touch as each person might go their separate ways at times. You tend to look back on past friendships with a nostalgic point of view and remember the good times most of all.

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Who the Wanderer Empath is drawn to in friendship

You are drawn towards other sensitive creative types. Emotionally porous people seem to be your thing as you can let your feelings flow in each other’s presence. Fluid and mutable folks are the friends you tend to keep the longest.

You appreciate many different people and make acquaintances easily. Your long-term friendships require more scrutiny on your end concerning who you will have these deeper connections with. You ensure that the people you let into your life are open, tolerant, and kind. Most of all, you want friends that put love and connection as central to their values.

You tend to be attracted to people that are not afraid to show their vulnerable side, other empaths, and those that are very spiritual. The Wanderer Empath is closely tied to the subtle energies of the universe, and you tend to be a magnet for people that also have this vibe.

You are pulled towards people that have gentle and easy-going personalities, but who are also able to set boundaries and assert themselves when it counts. In other words, people who really live by their values and maintain a certain amount of flexibility.

Overall, you like friends to match you in emotions, get passionate and teary over things, and also spend time daydreaming together and envisioning what your future idealistic world will look like. You like people who are curious, genuine, and who are just themselves.

The Wanderer Empath’s compatibility with other Empath Archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

  • The Seeker Empath
  • The Alchemist Empath
  • The Mystic Empath
  • The Witch Empath

The empaths on this list are all students of the universe; seeking answers to life’s mysteries and truths. Some are more scholarly in their approach, like the Mystic and the Alchemist, and some are more intuitive like the Seeker and the Witch.

You will find that you have a lot in common with these archetypes in how you sense the subtle relationships between people, places, and nature. You find the paths that these empaths are on and how they have chosen to channel their empathic gifts very inspiring.