Wanderer 12

The Wanderer Empath personality in family dynamics


As you read this section keep the following in mind:

  • Family can be chosen.
  • Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.
  • Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

Your archetype’s personality within the family

The Wanderer Empath tends to have highly individualized relationships with each one of their family members. You approach each connection separately and uniquely. When you think about your family, you might feel a sense of fragmentation or lack of intimacy. This is one of the reasons you create very close relationships with friends and lovers.

Growing up, you were probably told that your interests were “weird.” You may have grown up feeling one of two extremes—either very rootless or very stuck. These two sides of the spectrum often lead someone to have a more expansive personality that seeks to branch out beyond their immediate surroundings.

Your family of origin may be very spiritual or religious, and some of this would have rubbed off on you. At family gatherings, when you do choose to attend, you are the one that is like a whirlwind coming through. Everyone wants to catch up with you before you fly off for your next adventure. You might have a reputation among your family as eccentric.

The Wanderer Empath as a parent

Feel free to flex the concept of ‘parent’ to your situation when reading this section.

Anyone would be lucky to have you as a parent. If it’s one thing you really excel at, it is letting people have the room to express themselves. You are very accepting and preach self-love like it is a religion. These ideas can be filtered down to your children and make a big impact on their self-esteem, how they stand up for themselves, and how they make decisions.

You are an empowering parent, and you don’t like to set too many boundaries. If you have a partner or co-parent then you might want them to be the one to assist in setting boundaries, structure, and rules.

Mostly your style is a free-parenting type of approach. You like to let people be and also let others figure things out for themselves.

Of course, as an empath, you are highly sensitive to the needs of your children. You give sound guidance when needed, but don’t ever tell them what they must do. You like options and you prefer to provide these for your kids as well.

You may also be someone that wants to remain childfree by choice. There are many dreams and places you want to go. If having children does not align with your plan for your life, you know you have other options you can pursue.