Wanderer 14

Wanderer Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

Exploring your relationship to the universe is central to the life of the Wanderer Empath. You are dedicated to discovering the meaning of life’s biggest questions. Your heart is open, and you often feel that you are merging with all that is around you.

Highly sensitive to your environment, you have felt spiritual from a young age. This is not something you had to learn but an innate experience you’ve had all your life. When you explore spiritual concepts and traditions it is as if you are coming home rather than learning it for the first time. A concept of spiritual remembrance can resonate with you at a deep soul level.

You are often drawn to spiritual practices that deal with consciousness expansion, altered states, and spirit travel—such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, and journeying. There are many avenues for you to explore in this regard. In addition, breathwork or things like holotropic breathing are areas that might spark your spiritual interest.

You are open to seeing what resonates. Allowing your emotional instincts to guide you, can lead you to the spiritual pathways that are meant for you. You have a mystical vibe about you, which you often give away through your inquisitive attitude about the nature of reality.

Spirituality is not all seriousness for you either, but a way for you to explore the multilayered aspects of your personality, which includes humor, trickster energy, and wanderlust for adventure.

Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Altered states of consciousness: There are many different ways you can explore the concept of altered states. Moving into meditation, trance, and even daydreaming can be considered forms of an altered state. As someone who likes to be swept up in fantasy, this can be a mystical version of escapism that can tie into your spiritual practice. Do your research and ensure you have the support, mentors, or proper information on this concept before spirit exploring!

Visionary poetry and art: Your vivid imagination makes you naturally adept at the creative process. Your brain becomes very active at the rich emotional experiences taking place in your thoughts. The art, poetry, writing, stories, music, etc. that you create often comes from the depths of the collective unconscious—the place where symbols, archetypes, and ideas are stored and manifest from.

The Wanderer Empath is naturally able to move into this space with ease. It can be so easy for you that you often don’t realize how hard it can be for other people to access their imagination. Once you have opened the various doors that lead into the collective memory, you have an endless stream of ideas that can inform your art. Various energies, thoughts, and concepts come through the works that you can create.

Past life regression: Another area of interest to you might be in past-life regression techniques. While using hypnosis—an altered state of consciousness that puts you in a deep, relaxed state—you are able to access supposed memories of past lives. Many variations and beliefs are surrounding past lives, so investigate for yourself and go from there.

You might believe your soul has lived as that life in the past or you may believe you are tapping into a collective or ancestral memory of a life. Either way, you can still benefit from the wisdom and knowledge gleaned from doing past life regression work. It can be very healing and illuminating to see patterns that might be repeating themselves in your current lifetime related to possible past lives.

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How to find the spirituality that works for you

Try many different things in order to discover what works for you. Avoid narrowing yourself in. Give yourself time to go down a few different paths; maybe one day settling on a particular tradition or practice if and when it feels right.

The main thing to keep in mind is the people that are there with you. You are not a solitary practitioner; you like to have other people around. Whether it be rituals, meditation, or shadow work, you want to have a community you can connect with. For you, this may mean joining seminars or classes to find the people that you can practice with.

Sometimes you can be naive, therefore, it is a good idea to really hone your intuition about people. Avoid being swayed by a charismatic spiritual teacher who may not have your best interest in mind. Always do extra research before joining a spiritual circle or group. Consider getting to know people before committing to anything and also ask around; word of mouth is a powerful tool for gathering information.

Finally, you tend to go all-in with the things you are doing. You have a porous nature and naturally, attune to any spiritual path that you’re walking. Let yourself be inspired while staying perceptive of what you are involving yourself in.

How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

The Wanderer Empath often feels so much at once but tends not to intellectualize what you are experiencing. By incorporating study and discernment into your spiritual life, you can start to record your experiences and keep better track of how you relate to your emotions.

You will start to become more balanced at the core of who you are and have a stronger sense of grounding, definition, and reason behind your feelings. Knowing what triggers certain emotional responses by gaining awareness through spiritual practice is a great tool for you.

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How to find your purpose as a Wanderer Empath: Sharing abundance

Developing your gifts

You have a spirit of abundance; your unconditional love and a mindset of prosperity come naturally to you. Maintaining this sense of joy and serendipity can be hard in a world that, in general, devalues sensitive folks and their feelings. You cannot help but be yourself, but sometimes you do get bogged down and jaded by the disillusionment caused by people’s responses to you when you put yourself out there.

By exploring archetypal energies within the collective unconscious, you have a chance to connect to the many different facets of yourself. The Fool is one such archetype that may be useful for you to examine in supporting your path and being unabashedly your generous self.

Connect with the Fool archetype: How to find and do what you love

In order to develop your empathic gifts, it is helpful to adopt an attitude of the Fool archetype. Yes, the Fool archetype can represent comic relief and general silliness, learning to laugh at oneself, and be entertaining to others, but the meaning behind this archetype can go even deeper than that. For example, in the tarot, this card corresponds to the number 0 and represents innocence, naivety, and wild abandon in the spirit of adventure and self-discovery.

The Fool is carefree and will do what they know they must do, based on their instincts, to get to where they need to be. They don’t let other people’s negativity or nay-saying stop them from their life path.

Embracing this side of yourself, helps you maintain your awe and wonder in the sublime. It allows you to deeply nourish your inner child-self and uncover the experiences you know are possible.

This archetype doesn’t let others dictate what they will do or when they will do it. Even if the timing doesn’t seem perfect or the response isn’t “socially sanctioned,” the Fool might do it anyway because the small voice inside their head is goading them on.

Finding and doing what you love involves a commitment to jumping in without expectation other than the journey itself. When you have chosen a path, no matter how wild or off-beat it seems, the Fool can help you go for it and reject the limitations that others have projected onto you.

You never know who your story might resonate with. In this way, your abundance spreads. This joy is contagious and can grow as nuggets of inspiration and abundance to everyone you encounter.

How to meet the Fool archetype: A visualization exercise

You can meet the Fool archetype through visualization and meditation, and sometimes experiences in your life mirror this archetypal energy. For example, you might make a decision without all the facts, but something tells you it is the right thing to do. You just go for it, and everything shakes out more magically than you could have expected. These might be considered “foolish” moments by onlookers, but you are learning to trust your process and yourself.

Here is a visualization exercise for meeting the Fool. You can record yourself speaking through the steps and playing it back to yourself if you would like.

  • Lie down on your back in your bed and close your eyes.
  • Breathe in deeply and exhale through your mouth.
  • Relax.
  • Let yourself be completely still.
  • Breathe naturally.
  • Move your awareness to the area in-between your eyebrows.
  • You might have a pulsing sensation, or your eyelids might flutter, all of that is okay.
  • Now conjure up a scene here in your mind’s eye of a road outstretched in front of you.
  • See yourself standing here wearing walking shoes and holding a satchel.
  • Imagine yourself starting to move down the path.
  • Notice what you see as you go, what is the landscape like?
  • Are there any animals or plants around? What is the weather doing?
  • Just take note.
  • In a short while, you hit a fork in the road, there are three paths you can take.
  • They all intrigue you; your curiosity is a powerful part of your personality.
  • While you are just about to make a decision, a figure appears from your right-hand side.
  • They stand in front of you and smile. Then with a wave of their hand, two of the roads disappear and only one choice stands before you.
  • And the figure disappears just as quickly as they entered.
  • You are now faced with only one path.
  • You look around for the figure, but they are nowhere to be seen.
  • With little else to do now, you head off down the path in front of you.
  • Moving swiftly, you step with surety and a sense of clarity.
  • You’ve dived in, you’ve chosen, you’ve had help from the Fool.
  • Was the choice made with logic? . . . It is unclear.
  • But a decision was made and now you are on the path.
  • The path that was meant for you all along.
  • Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes to end the visualization.