Wanderer 17

Finding your joy in being a Wanderer Archetype

The Wanderer Empath finds their joy in experiencing their freedom. You need to know that hope, positivity, and a fresh perspective are waiting around every corner. Your natural curiosity and nonconformist approach to life give you purpose. You are guided through each moment in your life by intuition.

Your sense of self is defined by what is around you. Changing your surroundings, perspective, and the company you keep has a huge impact on how you experience fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Your giving spirit makes so many people want to be around you. This archetype finds people so fascinating; you affectionately build up your friends and family, support their causes, and champion their life paths. All of this brings you happiness.

Being able to live your life in a dreamlike state of wonder makes your perception unique. You are stirred within by the beauty and awe of this life.

When you embrace the spiritual aspect of your personality, you start to meet the community you vibe well with.

Your mind is able to spin any story into a tale worth telling. The creative potential exists in each moment which galvanizes you towards achieving the things you set out to do in life. Even as your goals change and your personality crystalizes, you always maintain childlike magic that allows you to delight in the experience for what it is.