Wanderer 08

Wanderer Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

Keywords: A channel for free love, senses magic, gives without expectations, a dreamer, escapist, imaginative, connected to source, infinite, free-flowing, fluid, loving vibration

Tarot Cards: The Lovers (cooperation, balance, relating)

Crystal Energy: Opal (insight, imagination, magic, luck)

Animal Spirit: Hummingbird (friendly, curious, quick-witted, unique)

Elements: Spirit and Water

Your Affirmations:

  • I am magical
  • I embrace the unknown as possibilities
  • My soul wanders free

Maybe the most “empathic” of the empath archetypes, you are the one who most embodies this aspect of being. You look and live out your sensitives on the surface of who you are. This bleeds into every part of you—your self-expression, your interests, and the paths you take. All of life feels connected for you and you experience meaning in all that you encounter.

You are aware of your merging soul with the source of life, you are your emotions and a magically creative being who easily slips into fantasy worlds of your own imagination. You dive into the unknown with wild abandon; adventure calls to you and things just seem to work out when you trust your intuition.

Without thinking things through too logically, you experience the world with more serendipity and give yourself permission to dream, wander, and be spontaneous. Each day is one with potential and each moment is one for discovering significance. You love without condition and pour your energetic affection into everything you do and the relationships you are in.

The Wanderer Empath is spiritually connected to the animals of land, sea, and sky. You like to travel and be on the road. Constant movement keeps your curious mind occupied with the new and interesting.

This is all inspiration for creating the piece of art that is yourself. Love and light are your mediums and emotions are your informants. Your creativity, be it dance, painting, singing, or storytelling, is how you record your feelings and experiences.

You are also a psychic sponge, which means you absorb energies from your surroundings. You are an amalgamation of everything around you and you might desire to practice seeing yourself with more definition and differentiation from others. Emotionally, you cannot help but allow your vulnerabilities to take up space. You share your feelings without self-consciousness about how others will receive them. You are truly yourself and won’t masque what is beneath your intriguing and hypnotic soul.

Your life often reads like a story. There are trials and moments of triumph. Your free-loving nature draws people into your orbit. You attract many lovers, friends, and mentors into your life. Your experiences are rich with heart and emotion.

Set yourself up for success as a Wanderer Empath

As we get into your in-depth profile, let’s first look at ways to support your self-care. Each archetype has a curated list of what is most resonant and beneficial for your specific empath personality.

You can find more success when you manage your personal boundaries and recognize that you are doing more emotional processing than you might realize. With some basic self-care covered, you are then able to turn your attention towards some of the more nuanced experiences of being a Wanderer empath.

woman in forest

Self-Care Checklist for the Wanderer Empath

______1. Crystals for sleep: Sleeping is a sensitive time for you, and you can get disturbed, woken up, or be visited by nightmares very easily. Be conscious of the crystals that are around you and ensure you are using ones that will help ease your rest instead of activating it too intensely. For example, avoid sleeping with moldavite or azurite and instead surround yourself with celestite, lepidolite, and rose quartz.

______2. A good cry: You have to let your emotions flow. If you are in situations where you are choking back tears, consider letting them flow free. Your free-spirited nature can extend all the way to your emotional self-expression, even if it seems strange during the moment.

______3. Travel stories: Let yourself be inspired by stories, myths, and legends about travelers. You like to feel that you are on the move and when you can’t move your location, you can move through stories.

______4. Hydrate: Your inspired and busy life often leads you to forget to drink water throughout the day. Find a way to incorporate staying hydrated into your regular routines.

______5. Escape: Plan ways that you can escape whether that be physically or mentally. You thrive off of new experiences and the everyday mundane aspects of life can get boring for you at times. You might have trouble focusing on the things you have to get done if you don’t intersperse those tasks with escapist activities such as weekend trips, reading a book, watching a movie, dancing, or crafting, among others.

______6. Animals: Your sensitivity to animals is one of the sweetest things about you. You are deeply in tune with their rhythms, personalities, and spirits. You can volunteer at a shelter, visit an animal sanctuary, or care for your own pet.

______7. Animal spirit allies: In addition to physical animals, you can also energetically connect with the spirit of animals. Explore which animal’s traits and behaviors speak to you. When you need added emotional strength to get through a situation, you can call on the characteristics of that animal. Try to embody their qualities through your human self-expression.

______8. Music: Music tends to be a part of life that speaks to the core of who you are. Allow the music to accompany you in your daily tasks. Use music to meet other people and explore the spiritual aspects of sound, vibration, and chanting.

______9. Network: You are skilled at networking and tend to have a lot of people around you. Even if you are nomadic, move around often, or find it hard to stay consistent with people when you are in one place, you do best when you have friends, family, and support. Put regular effort into maintaining contact with people and making connections wherever possible.

______10. A close friend or partner: You tend to find committed partnerships and close friendships very grounding. Embrace that you may be a relationship person and want to share your life with someone else. No matter how free-spirited and independent you feel at times, knowing a certain someone has your back is very balancing for you. This person can be platonic or romantic.