Witch 08

Witch Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

Keywords: Bringer of wisdom, eclectic interests, prophetic dreamer, gifted psychic, shadow worker, medium, spiritual business owner

Tarot Cards: The Star (hope, healing, guidance, ascension)

Crystal Energy: Spirit Quartz (spiritual evolution, purification, spirit connections)

Animal Spirit: Horse (freedom, movement, power)

Elements: Metal and Air

Your Affirmations:

  • I am learning to trust my intuition
  • My spirit knows the way
  • I listen to the signs

The Witch Empath is a powerful force in the world. You ride through life with a wild passion, fervently in a rush to get to all the things you want to do. Destiny tends to have different plans for you though, guiding you along slowly and deliberately from one thing to another. When you look back at any given time, you can see how far you have actually come.

Your personality is fierce, as you are constantly practicing how to navigate setting boundaries. This unfolding process can sometimes bring out the sides of you that are sharp and biting, while at other times you are amorphous and vulnerable. You seek to be in your center without losing your edge.

The way you experience empathy is so natural for you that you sometimes don’t even realize it’s happening. You aren’t crushed by the emotions of others, but instead are gently aware of subtle changes in the emotional atmosphere. If your mood slightly changes you are alerted that feelings are moving in and around you. You can then tap into your inner psyche to investigate what is happening energetically.

Learning to sift through the emotional landscapes of your own self in relation to the natural world is your empathic journey. On the way, you can learn to read the signs. As you crystalize into the person you are becoming, you start to maneuver your way through the brambles.

The thorns don’t scratch as deep, and calluses of wisdom will be over your palms and on the soles of your feet. You embody the weathered energy of someone who has been this way before and can guide others through the shadows as they grow towards the light.

The Witch Empath is confident in their abilities and doesn’t question where their information has come from. You know you are one with the unseen energies that create the Universe. You know that the advice you give—no matter how strange the message—you are acting from a place of love, compassion, and care.

The air of mystery that surrounds you, serves to strengthen your oracular messages and alluring persona. You also want others to respect your knowledge and appreciate the work you are doing in the world. Being called to a spiritual path as an empath is not without its trials. What better empath archetype to face these woes than the resilient, intense, and deeply spiritual Witch Empath.

woman in forest

Set yourself up for success as a Witch Empath

As we get into your in-depth profile, let’s first look at ways to support your self-care. Each archetype has a curated list of what is most resonant and beneficial for your specific empath personality.

You can find more success when you manage your personal boundaries and recognize that you are doing more emotional processing than you might realize. With some basic self-care covered, you are then able to turn your attention towards some of the more nuanced experiences of being an empath.

Self-Care Checklist for the Witch Empath

______1. Mindfulness practices: Staying in the moment can help you respond rather than react. Employ some daily mindfulness techniques to stay present. One way to do this is to focus on things as they are rather than writing a script for what you anticipate in the future. Let things play out in the present as they are happening.

______2. Reduce caffeine: Your system might be sensitive to substances such as caffeine. If you are a daily caffeine drinker, try experimenting with and tracking what happens when you reduce your intake.

______3. Enjoy the early mornings: The quiet peacefulness of the early morning is one of the best times of day for being in stillness. Waking up around sunrise sets your internal rhythms with nature and allows you time to connect with your inner self without distraction.

______4. Plants and herbalism: Explore the world of having plant spirits allies and herbal medicines. You can connect with plants physically and spiritually to deepen healing around your emotions, experiences, the past, and more.

______5. Commune with nature: Find a way to incorporate more experiences in nature into your life. It can be as simple as opening a window or taking a five-minute break outside during the workday. Your eyes relax when you are looking at the green shades of plants, grass, and trees. Your mood mellows and a sense of peace can wash over you, even if it is only for a brief moment.

______6. Weather tracking: By becoming intuitively in touch with the weather, you can start to sniff out planetary moods, patterns, and energetic shifts happening around you. You can also track astrological events, lunation cycles, best times for planting, and other data you would find in a farmer’s almanac.

______7. Healing palm stones: You carry a lot of emotional energy in your body, therefore, holding onto a smooth gemstone that fits in the palm of your hand can act as a source of stress reduction. For example, a rose quartz palm stone can bring gentle love and compassion, while a serpentine palm stone can remove negative energies. Have a collection of palm stones you can use for various reasons when needed at your desk, at work, or at home.

______8. Bird-watching: When you walk into a forest the birds announce to each other that you are there. They are aware of your presence just as you become aware of theirs. Gain a deeper understanding of the emotional currents outside of yourself by observing and being observed by nature.

______9. Cultivate having a core group of friends: Being social is very important to you. And while time to yourself is essential for restoring your energy, it is also necessary for you to have several core people in your life to bring a mutual sense of perspective and grounding.

______10. Cooking: Making yourself food regularly is a grounding practice. It gives you control over what you are putting into your body and enhances your connection to your physical nourishment. Choosing your ingredients, the colors, tastes, and smells can all be a sensual experience to make your self-care more pleasurable.