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The Witch Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

Daily routines tend to hold less importance to you than the bigger picture. Narrowing down your focus on the little things, such as what time to wake up in the morning or what to eat for breakfast easily gets overlooked. Instead, you prefer to be more spontaneous, living each day from a place of instinct.

You like to follow your bliss for the most part and accomplish daily tasks as they arise or when you feel called to do so. For this reason, your daily life can feel a bit disordered at times. But everything you need to get done always does, even if a sense of chaos accompanies you while doing it.

Each day holds potential, and you are never quite sure how things are going to turn out. You like this sense of freedom in your choices. However, having a rough sketch in your mind of what you want the week to look like can help you focus just enough that you don’t feel too frenetic day-to-day.

Due to the sporadic nature of your scheduling, you tend to skip things such as selfcare and proper rest. You might not get a day off or not realize you haven’t gone on a vacation in a while. Being more in tune with how everything fits in together can help you create a better balance between work, play, relationships, and hobbies.

When it comes to food, you may be particular about what you like but inconsistent in sticking with your plan. You might have an idea of the foods you want to be consuming, but quickly change your mind if another option is presented. This is just how you do things and following your intuition and your gut works well for you.

Good sleep hygiene is very important to your daily habits. In fact, it is probably the area of life you spend the most time cultivating routines around. A relaxing bath before bed, possibly meditation, and listening to hypnosis or other audio as you go to sleep is a regular occurrence.

You tend to be in touch with your dream self and might even record your dreams on a regular basis, and possibly you are an avid lucid dreamer. You make a lot of space in your life for healthy sleep. Changes in your sleep schedule tend to have the biggest impact on how you manage your moods and emotions.

Overall, you live life by what your inclinations are telling you. Each day your intuition provides you insights into where you should be heading and what is coming up next.

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