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The Witch Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship

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Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

The people in your life appreciate you for your forthright nature and also see how sensitive you are behind your thick skin. Your personality in relationships can come off as abrupt at times as you intuitively know what you want and share this candidly.

In addition, you are both sarcastic and serious simultaneously with those you care about. This creates space for connections that are deep and full of laughter.

Your archetype’s personality in love

You approach love with fierce independence, and whereas you love to be in connection with the other person, you don’t like your identity to be consumed by the relationship. You do everything you can think of to maintain your sense of self. At times in life, you could feel jaded by love, going so far as to swear it off completely. But then someone ends up coming into your life and you fall in love all over again.

You like to go at your pace. You are willing to make joint decisions about your partnerships only after you have been with someone for a while. Until then, you prefer to lead your own life alongside the budding connection. You have a tendency to rush headfirst into the love and romance aspects but not to rush into sharing every aspect of your life, such as your living situation.

You see beyond the facade that others often put up; it is disheartening when the people you are dating are unaware of how they are coming across. As you look straight to the heart of who they are, you are too real for people sometimes. They don’t believe your honesty is genuine and this can take a toll on you as a person.

You might feel exhausted and worn down by your romantic relationships. Remembering to find your joy and pleasure will help you overcome some of these challenges. In addition, avoiding partners who incline to be controlling is essential for your archetype.

You also like when your partners are as spiritually oriented as you are. The Witch Empath does tend to attract many realists into their life, which isn’t always fulfilling for you in long-term relationships. You want someone who will understand all sides of you.

Your accepting personality frequently allows people into your dating life that might not be the best match for your personality type. As you are trying to avoid appearing judgmental, you could lose your sense of discernment about who is a compatible partner for you.

Overall, you bring passion into your love affairs. You are a generous partner and will commit to someone wholeheartedly when it feels right. Fulfillment in love happens for you when you accept who you are and therefore, who you match best with.

A list of traits the Witch Empath should look for in a romantic partner

So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Witch Archetype!

Someone who…

  • Likes that you are independent
  • Wants to be spontaneous with you
  • Has flexible goals and aspirations
  • Enjoys deep conversations
  • Is spiritually inclined
  • Believes who you say you are
  • Understands your intuitive abilities
  • Supports your long-term goals
  • Doesn’t want to box you in
  • Praises your psychic gifts
  • Is passionate and sensual
  • Isn’t afraid to have deep conversations
  • Doesn’t mind taking care of day-to-day routine matters.

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

You value the people in your life and are a stormy defense if they are ever in need. More so than lovers, friends and sometimes family, or chosen family, tend to come first in your life. You forge close ties with people who truly understand and support you. You and your friends make up a tightly woven group.

In your younger years, you may have either had a large social circle or the opposite where you felt very misunderstood by your peers. But as you get older, you come to realize you care very little about other people’s opinions of you and you are better able to discern who your real friends are.

The social groups you are a part of are collectives, like webs linking you all together. You all show up to help each other. For example, when someone is moving or having a baby or going through a divorce, everyone in the group rallies around them in solidarity and provides what they can to the situation. You have a very deep appreciation for these types of ties and the social responsibility that comes with them. This sense of comradery is very important to you in your friendships.

You are the friend who gives honest advice with an added dose of realism. Your life experiences have given you this ability and your friends appreciate your point of view. You also have a very sound sense of self, which is admired among your friends. People in your life aspire to be like you in many ways and might end up in mentorship types of dynamics with you.

In addition to your “tough love” approach with friends, you are also nurturing. You care for those who are having a tough time and are happy to host a celebration or gathering when a milestone is being reached or a major event is happening in someone’s life. Your house is often the hub of activity, and you prefer it this way.

The people in your life come to you and you want to be needed, but also want to know that you can need your friends as well. No one, including yourself, is seen as a self-contained unit, and everyone is expected to rise for each other if need be.

Who the Witch Empath is drawn to in friendship

In friendships, you are drawn towards strong and assertive people. You like when you don’t have to guess or be intuitive about what people want and prefer your friends to be straightforward. You like to be around socially conscious people.

You also like to make acquaintances with people you can challenge and debate. You likely won’t become best friends with people with whom you engage in these discussions, but you still seek them out for self-growth.

When it comes to making close friends, you much prefer people who share at least some of your spiritual and social worldview. You also are pulled towards people who are non-judgmental and who enjoy asking questions. As a naturally inquisitive person yourself, you seek the same in others.

You carefully construct a social network in your life and are drawn towards people who are well-connected based on the things you are interested in or the work that you do. Your ability to charismatically move between various groups and settings of people brings you plenty of social satisfaction and enjoyment.

The Witch Empath’s compatibility with other Empath Archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

You can appreciate the Alchemist’s and Mystic’s approach to life that marries science with spirituality. A part of you wants to better integrate these potentially complementary points of view. As a result, you tend to hit it off over deep chats.

The free-spirited, fighting nature that you can access also puts you in the same circles as the Visionary Empath. You can make a powerful pair as you both are determined and can deeply appreciate each other’s commitment to a cause.