Witch 12

The Witch Empath personality in family dynamics


As you read this section keep the following in mind:

  • Family can be chosen.
  • Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.
  • Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

Your archetype’s personality within the family

The family you choose to create tends to be the most important to you. As a child, you most likely had a desire to leave your parent’s nest to explore the world on your own terms. You may have been labeled a “free spirit” or a “wild child.”

On your path towards self-discovery, you may have executed some risky behaviors, living each day like it was your last. As you matured, however, you tempered this and learned to direct your energy into getting the things you want.

Your siblings, relatives, or peers might have deeply misunderstood you growing up. You are sensitive but also tough, therefore, they may have teased you, which hurt deeper than you were able to let on.

Explore if these wounds are present in your psyche. Unearthing them and making an effort to heal can reframe how you view your childhood experiences. Whereas you cannot make past experiences disappear, you can process them.

Within your family structures, you probably had a certain ally in a particular aunt, grandmother, or another relative. They may have felt like a kindred spirit and passed on wisdom to you, that only you could understand.

The Witch Empath as a parent

Feel free to flex the concept of ‘parent’ to your situation when reading this section.

You meet the role of parenthood with joy. A deep affection grows towards the tasks associated with this role. You appreciate the nurturing energies that parenthood can bring out in you.

Your tendency is to create a good balance between letting your kids express themselves and sharing your own point of view. The experiences you have been through in life are very helpful in raising children. You are instinctual and protective, available and open.

You instill confidence in your little ones, and as they get older, you have a very honest relationship with them. The way you nurture is through advice and providing for basic needs. For example, you like to show you care by cooking a nutritious meal.

Your style of parenting is your own, but you do like to have a community of other parents for help in handling daily logistical things and socializing. Amongst you and your friends, you all take turns doing things like carpooling and hosting playdates. Everyone is helpful and willing to share the labor and when it comes to holidays, you may even spend some of them together as a group.