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The Witch Empath's personality at work

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Empaths need to be aware of what work environments and type of work best suits their unique personalities. Being prepared with this knowledge can assist you in living your best life.

Your workplace habits and needs

You like to be in charge when it comes to working. Being told what to do by others tends to rub you the wrong way. Your strong personality does best when you are self-employed or able to be self-directed. When you are in work situations where you are taking guidance from others, it is best to work in positions that allow you at least some degree of autonomy.

The more tuned in you become to the natural world, the more you may grow unsatisfied in stuffy or closed spaces. You need breathing room, with a lot of natural light and freedom for movement. Too much rigidity in your work structures and your inner drive tends to fade.

Easily able to self-direct, especially when you have a goal in mind, you approach work with efficiency and a plan. You are able to find a sense of motivation and you resolve yourself towards finishing and accomplishing the tasks that you begin. In addition, you aren’t afraid to take on difficult projects and actually like a good challenge.

Your workdays might tend to stretch long, therefore, scheduling in more time for breaks and downtime could make your work-life better. Most things, such as lunch breaks and vacations are last-minute endeavors for you. You live spontaneously and are never quite sure how you will feel day-to-day about what foods you may want or where you want to take your breaks.

This is just part of how you do things, and somehow it all magically aligns to be efficient and precise. At the end of each day, you generally will feel accomplished and satisfied with how things unfolded. You aren’t so hard on yourself and are generally proud of the work you have done.

Best work environments for your archetype

The work environments that the Witch Empath works best in are settings with a lot of flexibility. You need space to be expressive and use your intuition in order to accomplish tasks. You want to feel open, free, and bright.

Shared workspaces are recommended—outside, or even busy environments can work with your archetype. You don’t mind being social when it comes to work and have a wide bandwidth for others’ needs and personalities.

Working online is also someplace you can generally excel. Although you prefer an in-person work environment, you are able to make a go of things on the internet. Having your own business, especially related to something spiritual, tends to be great for you.

  1. Online & social media platforms
  2. Shop or storefront
  3. Apothecary
  4. Research lab
  5. Library
  6. University
  7. Social service agency
  8. Hospital

Possible career paths for your archetype

The Witch Empath does well working in fields where you can share your intuitive abilities with others. You have a precise yet creative way of sharing information. Combining these skills allows you to work in a number of fields. You work well with others and also tend to be fearless. Situations where there are crises, challenging emotions, or jobs where you have to think quickly on your feet suit your personality.

You are also interested in exploring and solving problems, as well as working in the medical field or service-oriented jobs. You can thrive in end-of-life care as a chaplain, hospice RN, death doula, or caregiver. Alternatively, you may be interested in working on the other end of the spectrum of life as a birth attendant or in midwifery.

Your archetype can also thrive in small business settings. Creating your own work, being a freelancer, or entrepreneur are also possible career paths. If you are interested in tech, then you would be great at finding a way to market your skills online, producing content, or sharing your knowledge.

Your sensitivities make you a good listener, and with the things you observe you are very skilled at writing, explaining, and disseminating information. You also would do well as a teacher or workshop facilitator.

Finding careers where you can focus your energy is the challenge. You have a lot of momentum and confidence. Jobs that allow you the freedom to creatively decide on products or services and also be able to share your unique psychic or spiritual abilities tend to be the most fulfilling for you.

Some career fields that may suit you as a Witch Empath include:

  1. Psychic reader
  2. Medium
  3. Spiritual business owner
  4. Foodservice
  5. Media
  6. Content creator
  7. Writer
  8. Freelancer
  9. Professional activist
  10. Journalist
  11. Environmentalist
  12. Energy healer
  13. Mentor
  14. Teacher or instructor
  15. Hospice worker
  16. Medical professional
  17. Social worker
  18. Herbalist
  19. Caregiver
  20. Counselor or coach
  21. Dream interpreter
  22. Spiritual book author
  23. Research librarian
  24. Non-profit work
  25. Psychologist
  26. Mental health worker
  27. Psychiatrist
  28. Academic or researcher
  29. Scientist
  30. Botanist


  • Psychic reader
  • Medium
  • Spiritual business owner
  • Foodservice
  • Media
  • Content creator
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Professional activist
  • Journalist
  • Environmentalist
  • Energy healer
  • Mentor
  • Teacher or instructor
  • Hospice worker
  • Medical professional
  • Social worker
  • Herbalist
  • Caregiver
  • Counselor or coach
  • Dream interpreter
  • Spiritual book author
  • Research librarian
  • Non-profit work
  • Psychologist
  • Mental health worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Academic or researcher
  • Scientist
  • Botanist

Practical tips for how to set career goals

When it comes to setting career goals, it is important for you to remember that you can always change your mind. If you feel suffocated in a job, vitality slowly starts to feel like it is draining out of you. Keeping your options open can help solve the scenario. In addition, it can be hard for you to decide what direction you want to take your career in.

Remaining receptive to the idea that this is a part of your personality can help you cope better if you end up in a position you don’t particularly like. You may have started out very passionately, but lost your verve for the field after you got into it. All of this is natural for a Witch Empath.

Your journey typically involves some spiritual self-discovery, and as you unfurl the layers of yourself, your gifts, and your talents, you start to pinpoint better what type of career would work best for you. Also keep in mind that your career and what you do with your life or your sense of purpose can remain separate, and often do at various times throughout your life.

Here are some questions to keep in mind for yourself when picking or changing careers.

Does this field allow me to . . .

  1. Control some or many aspects of my duties?
  2. Have a team of people working with me?
  3. Is fast-paced or has constant variety?
  4. Discuss, write about, or share around spirituality?
  5. Interact with people or clients?
  6. Share my knowledge with others?
  7. Be involved in various levels of research and investigation?
  8. Use my high level of emotional intelligence?
  9. Trust my intuitive abilities?
  10. Track, gather, or collect information with purpose and meaning?
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