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Witch Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

The Witch Empath finds meaning through spiritual ritual and study. You are drawn towards practices that give you a sense of freedom, power, and heart. Your soul wants to give to others and you are sweetly drawn towards pulling the shadows into the light.

You aren’t afraid to look deep and ask questions. At times, you can get very wrapped up in the spiritual traditions you are studying and often look to eclectic forms of worship. Naturally, connected to the unseen world, your empathy grows even stronger when you are in flow with your spiritual practice.

The more you root into spirituality, the more you seem to be able to manage other areas of your life. For your archetype, you appreciate the community that can come with your beliefs. You also feel called to learn, understand, and search for meaning in existence.

In general, you are drawn to spiritual practices that are earthy in nature and in tune with the body, mind, and spirit. You like earth-based spirituality, animism, and systems of belief that account for multiple dimensions or layers of reality, aside from the physical, seen world. You also appreciate science, so finding explanations for the spiritual things you are involved in is also an interesting path for you to wander down.

Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Folk magic comes in many different forms from various cultures across time. Do some research around your ancestors’ folk practices and investigate what types of magic and folklore beliefs they held. You might even be interested in trying some of the practices for yourself, especially around healing, herbalism, and spell craft. This is the magic of the people. By exploring the roots and history of these practices, you align yourself energetically through space and time with those who came before you.

Mysticism also comes in many forms and traditions. You are keenly attuned to the subtle energies of spirit, which makes you naturally inclined to explore the altered and ecstatic states of mystic practices. Here you are aiming to get in touch with the god-self and the energy of pure spirit. It is a path that seeks to know yourself in all your parts, light and shadow, and strive for traversing the non-dual state of pure consciousness. This path opens you up to greater experiences of compassion and a more expansive understanding of existence.

Spiritualism is a religious movement that is based on the concept of how life or spirit continues after physical death. Practitioners of this belief system use mediumship techniques to communicate with deceased loved ones and spiritual entities for guidance, support, and evidence of the afterlife and spirit world. There are different schools of thought within the Spiritualist movement and an interesting history to explore. This might be an avenue for you to research.

How to find the spirituality that works for you

Spiritual belief systems that emphasize working with subtle energies and altered states tend to be the ones that appeal to you most. Your empathic nature means you have an open heart and many mystic traditions and paths of faith accentuate being heart-centered.

You seek to be a part of a community where compassion and self-improvement are central. Therefore, finding spiritual or faith traditions that have these tenants at the center are typically the direction you should pursue.

When seeking out spiritual paths, look for things that are a mix of the modern and the traditional. You appreciate variety and transformation, but you also like to know where things originated. You don’t tend to practice things if you don’t know the roots. And once you discover the story, this can influence how you proceed. So when finding the spirituality that works for you, keep in mind that you should feel into the truth and search for authenticity.

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How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

Managing your emotions comes with learning to build awareness around your spiritual truth. When you start to commune with the unseen world around you, you come into a better understanding of why things affect you in the way that they do. You then are able to have a better hold over your own emotional reactions.

As you grow in your practice, be it meditation or witchcraft, you may encounter difficult aspects that might be more intense in nature. Ultimately, you want to merge into the universe and experience pure spiritual bliss. On your way, however, you also encounter shadows and the chaos that the universe is born out of. Working with professional counselors and other outside support can be recommended as an extension of your spiritual practices.

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How to find your purpose as a Witch Empath: reading the signs

Developing your gifts

As a Witch Empath, you are on a path to accepting and harnessing the unique gifts you possess. The things you excel at, are often tied in with your keen insight. You are instinctive and act impulsively, but you are constantly receiving information that is informing your choices.

Finding your way in life involves learning to read the signs with precision and trusting the decisions you make. Sometimes you will just get a gut feeling or a sense that you need to change directions or leave a situation. You are sensitive to the things around you, so learn to direct your energy based on the signs you are receiving.

Connect with the Crone archetype: How to find and do what you love

In archetypal psychology, the archetypes can be representative of different parts of yourself that make up the whole of your psyche. The Crone archetype is a wise elder. They have years of experience and magic, which gives them prophetic insights. By getting in touch with the Crone archetype within you, you are able to gain entrance into deeper layers of vision.

The information you learn and receive by contacting the Crone can help guide you and protect you. In a way, it can feel like you are being given lessons and tests that you have to pass. As you meet this archetype, you cross a threshold into a deeper knowing of who you really are.

How to meet the Crone archetype: A visualization exercise

One of the best ways to meet the Crone archetype is to meet them in visualization in an imaginary wilderness . . .

Close your eyes and breathe in. Be slow and steady as you breathe and let your mind clear. Imagine a wilderness scene unfolding in front of you and a path appearing. In your mind’s eye, then start down the path. Looking down in your right hand, you are carrying an item. What are you carrying? Make a note of it and keep walking. You then come across a clearing slightly off the path. You see a bonfire roaring and you hear drumming. Walk towards it. An older cloaked figure is stoking the flames. Approach the figure and hold out what you were carrying as an offering. The Crone will take the gift but doesn’t say a word. They motion with their hand for you to sit near them next to the fire. You sit down and take a deep breath. Sit in silence now. Look at the flames and take in the energy. There is a mystery in this initiation, and wisdom being shown to you. You know the way and always have. When you are ready, open your eyes and return to the present moment. Take with you any thoughts, impressions, or insights you received on your journey.