Witch 16c

3. List of alternative healing methods and wellness practices

Always discuss treatments specifically to you with your physician or practitioners.

The Witch Empath is very aware of subtle currents of energy. This draws you towards alternative healing that taps into these underlying patterns. Methods that redirect energetic configurations, such as energy healing, can help you release trapped or maligned vitality.

You also like working with materials and the tangible sensations that come with wellness practices involving scents, sounds, and tastes. This may draw your attention towards herbalism, aromatherapy, and healing through food and nutrition. Wearing gemstones, sound baths, and other sensory experiences are also ways for you to explore healing.

Nature therapy or ecotherapy is a varied set of therapeutic techniques that helps you realign your spirit with the cadence of the natural world. This is something you may take as a path towards holistic health. Your empath archetype also likes to dance and experience the flow of life force through your body. Dancing can be very healing for you as well as an ecstatic or devotional practice.

The main concept that you tend to keep in mind is that healing is a process and wellness practices can support that journey. You are not the type that needs a quick fix or a cure-all; you enjoy exploring eclectic techniques. In addition, when you constantly invest in your personal growth, you are more alert to the things that will best assist you when it comes to your health and healing.

Here are some healing methods that might work for you:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Acupressure
  3. Quantum healing
  4. Energy healing
  5. Herbalism
  6. Sound baths
  7. Aromatherapy
  8. Traditional forms of healing
  9. Nature therapy
  10. Dancing

4. Divination tools for the Witch Empath’s self-reflection

Divination tools are a great way for empaths to dive into the energy currents of their lives. You can excavate the archetypal themes that are playing out in the present moment as you tap into the collective wells of psychic wisdom.

Keeping a journal of your divinatory insights over time can reveal a lot about where you have been and where you are going on your path. It supports your accuracy as an intuitive and lends you a glimpse into how things are connected. You can then reflect on what you have learned and come into a closer examination of your own psyche.

Here are some tools for your archetype you can choose to learn. There are many other forms of divination out there that would suit the Witch Empath such as astrology, palm reading, tea leaf reading, scrying, dream interpretation, and so on. There are plenty of resources out there to get a reading or you can learn to become a reader yourself!

Tarot card

The allure of the tarot calls to you like a moth to a flame. You don’t know what it is, but there is something about those cards that speak to you on a deep level. You tend to take to them effortlessly and have an intuitive understanding of the card’s meaning.

In addition, you can also learn and study the occult symbolism behind the deck. Doing a reading when you have a major event in your life can provide a roadmap to where your path is heading. It can give you big archetypal energies to research and contemplate in the larger context of your experiences. You can see how things are currently aligning and sift through the endless sea of possibilities to know what trajectory you are aligned with and how you can redirect from your present location. Remember, you can always redirect the flow of your life.


This divination tool is a weighted object on the end of a chain or string. It swings clockwise or counterclockwise or stays firmly centered, and sometimes just moves slightly back and forth. The practitioner will ask the pendulum which direction means “yes,” which means “no,” and which means “maybe or unsure.” When a question is posed, the pendulum will start to move in one of these directions.

A pendulum can be made of a root or natural materials, sometimes gemstones. You might try an all-metal pendulum. You can ask simple yes or no questions and gain insights efficiently when you need them. This is a good tool to carry around with you for quick on-the-go divinations.


The Runes might be of interest to the Witch Empath as well. This old European alphabet has been etched onto tiles, stones, or sticks and used for divinatory purposes. There are several systems of runes you can research and learn if you feel so inclined. Arguably the most popular system is the 24 Elder Futhark runic set. Each rune contains a certain resonance, sound, and meaning. The runes are splayed out either from picking them out of a bag or dumping them where they may land. The pattern and symbolic meanings are then interpreted, and messages are imparted to the querent.