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7. Practical Exercises for understanding your moods and emotions

Getting to know yourself as an empath is strengthened when you have a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of your feelings. Tracking your moods on a regular basis and taking note of what might trigger a change in your temperament can be extremely insightful.

Knowing what leads to certain reactions, whether that is in your body, thought processes or behaviors can strengthen how you interact with the world. You can come to know what types of people or situations to avoid or how to best prepare for potentially unavoidable or challenging scenarios.

The Witch Empath goes through periods where you absorb more emotions than others. You take in what others have stored; suddenly your mood changes or you are unsure why you’re feeling a certain way. This can be confusing for you, therefore it is helpful to have ways you can process your emotions alone to sort through what you are feeling versus what others are feeling.

Here are some techniques you can use to understand yourself:

1. Draw a self-portrait using symbols

You have a gift for symbology. With background knowledge in your mind of various symbols and their origins, you can use what you know to create a self-portrait. Choose a time about once a week, to invest in this exercise. Set a timer for 30 minutes and have your art materials ready. You can use any paper and implements you would like: paint, pencils, crayons, etc.

Put some music on and light a candle or incense. Mediate for about one minute to get your mind into a state for making art. Then start drawing any symbol that comes to mind. Do your best not to overthink and just create. When the timer goes off, you can analyze what you created. Notice what symbols came through and research or meditate on their meaning. The images can lend you insight into what is currently in your energy field, what themes you are working with, and what type of mood you are in.

2. Full Moon gazing

The mesmerizing appearance of the Full Moon is one portal into self-awareness. When you observe the Moon, your mind can go quiet. You might feel enraptured by the beauty and awe-inspired by nature’s presence. Once a month, when the Moon is full, make a plan to meditate while looking at lunar light. Absorb the energy and let it pour insights into your mind about your mood and emotions. This can clear the way if cloudiness or confusion is in your life. Ask for intuitive blessings and the power of the lunar forces to gently cleanse your energy field.

In addition, you can set a cup of water out on your windowsill overnight under the light of the Full Moon to make Moon water. This is magically charged water that can be used for ritual if you would like.

3. Spend a night in nature

Sleeping outside overnight can reveal to you things you need to be aware of. Without the solid walls of a house or apartment building surrounding you, it seems that nature’s insights come to you more readily. You might have vivid dreams while sleeping outside or just be able to gain clarity on something.


8. Practical Witch Empath A to Z: sometimes it’s the little things . . .

  • Grow your own culinary herbs.
  • Drink a glass of water upon waking up.
  • Savor the time in between tasks.
  • Seek out pleasure in the small things.
  • Think about the background story of each item you own.
  • Record your thoughts throughout the day.
  • Talk to animals and plants.
  • Admire yourself as much as you admire others.
  • Find ways to laugh more often.
  • Add in 5 minutes each day to do nothing.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel powerful.
  • Embrace being a force in the world.
  • Let your emotions flow with precision.
  • Be fearless in setting boundaries.
  • Let restlessness and boredom in.
  • Limit social media consumption.
  • Take 24 hours before responding.
  • Have at least one nutritious meal per day.
  • If you don’t like something, find a way to change it.
  • Remind yourself how strong you are.
  • Be in constant communication with your dreams.
  • Explore healing through dreaming.
  • Don’t doubt yourself, you are made for this.
  • Your psychic insights have merit.
  • Make a best friend.
  • Travel when you can.
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